Ginger Johnson
Photographer: Judy Pavlik

Doggone the Days of Summer by Ginger Johnson

What season do you look forward to? Maybe there are a few for you. For me, I greatly anticipate the cooler months of the year. Fall and winter are where I revel in the chilly nights and brisk days, sleeping with the windows still open a peep and snuggling deep into the comforter. So with…

Sam Filler of McQuade Distributors/Bismarck ND

Beer and Food: What’s in Store? By Ginger Johnson

The store in the headline means the restaurants, pubs, and bars you frequent to enjoy beer and food. So what’s in store as far as the offerings of food to accompany the modern day world-class beer? Below is an article I wrote September of 2010. The thoughts are timeless in so far as beer and…