Take a Breath, Slow it Down, Savor the Holidays by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer

It’s easy to get caught up in commercialism, more so at this time of year. So I wanted to use the column this week to help you take a breath, slow it down, and savor the remaining days of another it-went-too-fast-year.

Take a breath. It seems sometimes we overload ourselves with tasks, commitments and obligations that we really don’t need to execute, however intentional or unintentionally. Step back when you feel like the days are flying too fast, take five minutes and look at what is really eating up the minutes and hours. Is it the stuff you want to and really need to do? Or do you, like me sometimes, plug in stuff that didn’t need to be there in the first place.

Slow it down. Managing life is a daily event. Made up of so many facets that they seems to blur one into another, days fly by for better or worse and everything in between.

Photo: Ginger Johnson

Photo: Ginger Johnson

A few ways I try to slow life down is to first look at my hardcopy printed date book. I Ask myself, “What can I remove that’s not critical, that I can either eliminate or postpone?” Then I act on the ones that are easily erased (yes, I use paper and pencils and erasers).

I also build in spans of time reserved for what’s truly critical, enjoyable, and necessary. This helps me better dedicate and execute my days. Do I make it all work, all the time? No, yet I get closer to what I want my life to be sometimes: slower.

Savoring. We’re guaranteed one go-round. How long or short that life cycle is, there’s no telling, though we can help mitigate many factors. One of those factors is how we use and respect our own time. Being and staying (or getting) healthy is a dominant factor we all must recognize in order to really enjoy and savor this life.

Get rid of the junk that clogs you up, step away from toxic people and negativity, and recalibrate what’s important to you. If it was before and is no more, great! If it was before and remains the same, good too. If it’s not showed up on your radar before, well, that’s called change and growth.

As the beer contributor for Your Home, I’m compelled to compare the three steps above to beer.

Take a breath…and a smell. The beauty of what beer has to offer begins with the colors, aromas and flavors it offers. Take your time with beer. It’ll reward you tenfold.

Slow it down and share. One great way to slow down is to share beer with friends. Getting together with people we want to be with will reduce the speed of our consumption since we love to talk, chat, and catch up.

Savor.  Beer is meant to be savored, not slammed. Hopefully you’ve been reading these articles for a while and realized that beer has so much to give us that we should want to take the time to savor, fully embrace it and enjoy.

I hope you’re celebrating your home and the people you care about all year round, not just at this time of year. I hope you’re taking a breath, slowing down, and savoring the whole crazy and beautiful time of year known as The Holidays.

Whatever and however you celebrate, I wish you and yours a lovely, tasty, and happy season ~


Go Here: Stay Home! Leave the travel for another less frenetic time, take back your time graciously to better enjoy life.

Try This: Volunteering is giving the precious gift of time and it’s always the season to do so. Call your charitable organizations of choice and find out how the gift of your time can help them reach their goals.

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