Now, Approach The Fridge… by Ginger Johnson

Ginger Johnson / Photo: LaurenDahnIt seems the very first step in cooking these days is to scour articles, farmers markets and biopics of “great” restaurant run by frenetic chefs. For some.

While that may be true for the igottabefirsttotrythisoutbeforemyfriends crowd, t’aint so for me.

My philosophy has developed and evolved over the years. My mom tells My Fine Husband she would have never guessed my current interest in food and cooking was lurking somewhere. As a little girl, I’d be in the kitchen when asked to help, otherwise I was out playing or otherwise occupied, sans kitchen focus.

Since it’s difficult for me to pick any one thing as my inspiration, primarily since it changes, I’ll list a few influencing factors.

What does the fridge hold? What do I have that I feel inspired to cook with?

  1. What needs to be eaten or used before it goes to the mighty compost in the back yard? Expiration is a mighty motivator.
  2. What do I feel like eating? Moods affect the prep and ensuing dishes that emerge from the kitchen.
  3. What might My Fine Husband requested? I appreciate requests, especially since they are more suggestions of an idea, rather than rigid. There are a few go-to’s I don’t mess with though flexibility is in our palates in general.
  4. What would make a fun nibble-your-way-through-it meal? Small plates surely originated in a kitchen wherein someone simply set out the this and that’s, bits and bobs as a friend calls them, to finish up. I call it Clean Out The Fridge (though the larder is fair game too).

So however you approach the fridge, kitchen or food, let your ideas evolve. Be comfortable with adaptations and new combinations, at different times of day. Quiche for dinner, fish for breakfast.

If you like it, enjoy it. If it intrigues you, try it. And I’d suggest you read read read…find people whose writing speaks to you. All the more inspiration and motivation for you to utilize.

I already like to eat. I already love to cook and fritter in the kitchen. Giving yourself permission to fully embrace and enjoy the entire experience is where the joy can be found.

Cheers ~


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