A Bit About Us

What makes your house a home?

What makes your house a home?

Our lives are busy and full and sometimes we forget to do the small things to help us enjoy them.  We encourage you to bring out your best and use it every day ~ because you deserve it.

So, who are we?  We are avid lovers of food, wine, brew and great friendships.  We believe that we should live our lives out loud and enjoy every aspect of who we are, every day and we are working to bring to you the very best of what our lives can hold.  Great recipes to feed your families and decorating ideas for your home because your haven should be all that you want it to be.

This year, 2015 we are taking you with us on the road, to taste foods and sip fine wines and great brews.  We are showcasing area Chef’s in our “Visiting Chef’s” dinner series and pairing their creations with ambrosial wines, brews and cocktails.  Stay tuned…you won’t want to miss a post!

The 2015 Fall and Holiday season brings new design, decor, recipe, travel  and entertaining ideas to a new level. We look forward to bringing you the best!

You will find all of our newest posts at the Home button.

Meet our talented and creative team:

Founder, Contributing-Editor: Karie Engels

Fashion & Beauty Editor: Josephine Kristie

Decor & Design Editor: Eve Stoddart

Photo Director and Editor: Teresa Potter

Research Director: Dana Kohfeld


  • Ginger Johnson
  • Christie Kiley
  • Tara Ambrose
  • Josephine Kristie
  • Jean Smith
  • Eve Stoddart
  • Shaun Daugherty
  • Linda Eaves
  • Wendy Nation
  • Jack Chase
  • Athena Moberg

Public Relations and Events: Engels Media Group (EMG)

Staff Photographers: 

  • Teresa Potter
  • John DePew

We would love to hear from you! Drop us an email at Karie@YourHomewithKarieEngels.com or snail-mail works too!
Engels Media Group / Your Home with Karie Engels / 1115 Eagle Ave SW, Orting, Washington 98360

Are you still curious as to what we are about? Take a look…..

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