How to prepare your older kids for a new sibling

new sibling

Bringing new born baby to your home is a great feel and its little different with your first child because you would have focused on them but now you have taken care of both your child’s and always need to consider how your first kid will react with new sibling.

As a parent you need to prepare teens for life with a new baby by start telling about your next sibling and make them to feel it’s their next family member. Explain them in appropriate term and ask them to help you to setup the baby’s nursery also explain them how to handle the baby.

If you’re older child needs to change the room or move out from the crib, then make them a new room setup before the new baby is born. Also teach them about their daily basic works and how to do it until the new born baby come to home.

When new baby arrives to a family make your older child to visit he baby center so it won’t be a mystery to them. Introduce the new baby in a family with teens so that they will think it is his or her own sibling so they will also take care of your baby.

Consider giving the older child a gift from the baby like t –shirt which says as big brother or big sister.

Tips to help older child to adjust with new born

Your older child’s age and development will be affected how if she or he is reacting to a new sibling. Sometimes older children are eager to meet a new sibling and younger might be confused or become upset. The following tips will help your child to adjust or prepare older kids for a new sibling.

life with a new baby

  • A child who is younger than age 2 won’t understand what it means to have a new sibling so talk to them about the new addition to your family.
  • Children age 2 to 4 will be quite attached to parents yet and they might feel jealous to share the attention with the new born baby. Explain them that new born need more attention and encourage him/her in the activity or involve them into shopping for baby supplies.
  • School age children sometimes they might be jealous of how much new baby gets the attention. Talk to them that new born needs it more and point them the advantage of being older and involve them in taking care of new born so they will be considering the new sibling as his or her brother or sister.